Fashion Hairpieces

Hairpiece - Curly Scrunchie 6cm

Hairpiece - Natural Spiky 11cm

Hairpiece - Fluro Spiky 11cm

Poppy Clip In Pony Tail

Hairpiece - Clare 12cm Curly

Hairpiece - Messy Scrunchie 25cm

Hairpiece - Curly Scrunchie 9cm

Clip In Hairpiece - Precilla 27cm Long

Clip on Ponytail - Flo

Clip In Hairpiece - Bec 22cm Long

Clip In Hairpiece - Sally 25cm Long

Clip In Hairpiece - Melody 32cm Curly

Clip In Hairpiece - Ruby 35cm Long

Clip In Hairpiece - Lauren 48cm Long

Clip In Hairpiece - Naomi 45cm Long

Clip In Hairpiece - Amanda 60cm Long

Curly Sue’s has an extensive range of dance hairpieces & dance accessories for dance, calisthenics and other activity groups.

Our hairpieces are also a great addition to anyone who wants a quick change, up do or added pieces for that special occasion. Being our own Curly Sue’s brand, our hairpieces are manufactured at our factory, giving us ultimate control to ensure quality is maintained at a high level.

Curly Sue’s hairpieces are made from a high quality synthetic fibre called Kankalon and are available in a range of natural and mixed colours. We also offer discounted pricing on our dance hairpieces with bulk purchases by schools, groups, shops.

Please contact us via our contact page for further information.